, is an online platform for those who have interest in real estate. We are not
real estate agents or brokers and do not offer such services.

We are more interested in what you offer via your website, web page to the real estate world.

We can post links to certain types of websites and or web pages for free.

There is no area for socializing on the website.  

We are dedicated to providing a direct line to real estate websites and web pages.

Our parent company is a registered llc for profit, and as such, content that appears in the sidebars
are from advertisers and are for profit.

What we do is currently being done manually, but we welcome anyone interested to fund or assist
our endeavour to reach out to us.  
WOULD NOT  love to integrate the normal process other
websites use for registrations, etc., etc.... has no interest in attaching itself to
anyone's personal information, just websites and web pages. was created more than 8 yrs ago, so the SEO is a no brainer. Too, over the
course of the years thousands of investors, principals, sellers, lenders, facilitators, Realtors and
Brokerages, capital and equity firms, REO providers, (the list can go on and on) have been
contacted directly by us within their area of interests, establishing awareness of the domain name.

Also, we encourage anyone in the real estate business who have affiliate programs to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!
About Us
About Us
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